Friday, February 16, 2018

These two are two!!

Dear Daughters,

You are two years old!! This has been such a fun year! You are learning to do so much and are so entertaining to watch as you interact with each other.  You are always watching out for one another.  It’s so sweet when one of you is sad or hurt, because the other will immediately come over to give you a hug for comfort.   

Every time someone babysits you, they comment afterwards about how much food you both eat. It blows their minds that someone your age eats so much. Two of your favorite things to eat right now are “Ri Kikis” (Rice Krispies) and “Moon Cheese” (provolone cheese, which is circular shaped). Really, you like any kind of cheese. As Eliza often says, it’s so “nummy!”

You are both sweet girls who keep me laughing all day long.  You love to sing,  blow bubbles,  prepare food in your new kitchen,  play with “pee doh” (play-doh), and to be outside.  If it were up to you, we would be outside ALL of the time.


When someone asks how to tell you apart from your sister, one clue I give them is to look for the girl who is holding things in her arms.  You love to carry around stuffed animals, water bottles, or anything you can get your hands on, really.  I often have to convince you to put all of your valuable  possessions into a bag, so it’s easier for you to tote them around. Your favorite things to carry around are “puff balls” (craft pom poms) and your white stuffed owl, which you call your “Hoo hoo.”

You are always keeping your eye out for babies.  Even if you can’t see the actual baby, you have to point out when you see a stroller or infant car seat.  You also listen for them.  One of the cutest things you say is “Baby sad,” whenever a baby is crying.

It’s fun to see how good you are at figuring things out.  When there’s something that you want to do, you don’t give up very easily. You even learned how to put on and take off some of your shoes!

I love all of the things you say.  One of my favorites right now is when you say your name.  It sounds like you are saying “Lala.”  You used to call water “wawy” and your dad was devastated when that stopped.  I don’t know what he’s going to do when you and your sister stop calling your blankets “beebees.”


My favorite time of the day is when you wake up in the morning.  I walk into your room to get you out of your crib and the first thing you say is always, “I want to see Daddy.” You sure love your dad and are always bummed if you don’t wake up in time to catch him before he goes to work.  I don’t feel much jealousy, though, so don’t worry.  All day long, you say, “I want Mommy!” or “Hold me, Mommy!” When you wake up from naps, the most common thing you do is hold your blanket to your face and say, “Beebee soft. Awww.”

You still love to use your “phone,” which is actually a calculator.  I often find you making calls on it.  Your two favorite people to call are Elmo and your aunt Anna.  Speaking of Anna, you also like to be on the lookout for her car as we drive around town.  You often shout, “I see Anna car!” It happens anytime there is a minivan or any car that somewhat resembles a van.    

You are the main reason why we had to put a lock on our kitchen trash can.  I had to stop you from throwing away things that aren’t actually trash.  You just love to throw things away. Even diapers.  For a few months, you always insisted on throwing your diaper away, but I think that the novelty has worn off now.

Hide-and seek is your new favorite game.  And you’re actually quite good at it.  You find a place to hide and stay there without making a sound until someone finds you.  

Your strong will is starting to show.  You are no longer content to be pulled in the wagon.  You want to be the one who is pulling it.  Or running up ahead.  Or exploring in the bushes nearby.

Love you both so much!


P.S. You both love to look at pictures of yourselves and your cousins on my phone. When we were doing this the other day, I discovered that my phone will make picture videos for me. So, here's one of the two of you.

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